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BOTCON 2016 - Huge thank you to all of the great transfans out there who attended Botcon this year! Here's to hoping that there will be an official convention in some capacity in the near future, even though it likely won't be quite the same. I've been dealing at Botcon since 2006 and met so many great people and I just want to say how much I have appreciated everyone's business over the years at the show. Botcon forever!

Just Arrived & Recently In Stock - Transformers & Revoltech

  • LG-23 Galvatron
  • LG-22 Skullcruncher
  • LG-21 Hardhead
  • UW-07 Bruticus
  • MP-25L Loud Pedal
  • LG-20 Skids
  • MP-20 Wheeljack
  • MP-30 Ratchet

New Pre-Orders - Transformers & Revoltech

*PRE-ORDER* - Masterpiece Inferno now available for pre-order, along with new Legends LG-32 Chromedome, LG-33 Hardhead, and LG-34 Mindwipe!

*PRE-ORDER* - Masterpiece MP-11NT Thrust and Unite Warriors UW-EX Lynx Master now up for pre-order! New Takara Legends up for pre-order, LG-27 Blaster, LG-28 Rewind, LG-29 Wheelie, LG-30 Weirdwold, and the massive LG-31 Fortress Maximus!

*PRE-ORDER* - MP-14+ Red Alert anime color edition up for pre-order, along with Masterpiece MP-31 Delta Magnus & MP-32 Optimus Primal, as well as UW-08 Computron! Also, Legends LG-24 Shockwave, LG-25 Blurr, and LG-26 Scourge are available for pre-order!

PRE-ORDERS - All pre-orders 5% off regular price
Check below for quick links to new pre-orders! MP-11NT Thrust - MP-14+ Red Alert - MP-31 Delta Magnus - MP-32 Optimus Primal - MP-33 Inferno; UW-08 Computron - UW-EX Lynx Master; LG-24 - LG-34; Takara Transformers Adventure line

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