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Pete's Robot Convention

Alpha Prime Toys will be a vendor at the inaugural Pete's Robot Convention on June 24th in Cincinnati, OH! We'll have a booth with all of the newest Transformers available and some great deals! Check out petesrobocon.com for details on the show! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Just Arrived & Recently In Stock - Transformers

  • e-Hobby Magna Convoy
  • MP-11ND Dirge
  • MP-37 Artfire
  • LG-42 Godbomber
  • UW-EX Baldigus
  • MP-35 Grapple

New Pre-Orders - Transformers

*PRE-ORDER* - MP-39 Sunstreaker available for pre-order, as well as his brother MP-12+ Sideswipe!

*PRE-ORDER* - Takara Legends LG-44 through LG-53 all available for pre-order!

*PRE-ORDER* - MP-36 Megatron December 2017 restock up for pre-order!

*PRE-ORDER* - MP-38 Optimus Primal up for pre-order!

PRE-ORDERS - All pre-orders 5% off regular in stock price

Check below for quick links to new pre-orders! MP-12+ Sideswipe - MP-36 Megatron - MP-38 Optimus Primal - MP-39 Sunstreaker; LG-44 Sharkticon - LG-45 Hot Rod - LG-46 Kup - LG-47 Kickback - LG-48 Brawn - LG-49 Triggerhappy - LG-50 Sixshot - LG-51 Doublecross - LG-52 Misfire - LG-53 Broadside

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