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Pete's Robot Convention 2018

Pete's Robot Convention will be returning in 2018! Mark your calendars for June 9-10, 2018 at the Cincinnati Marriott at Rivercenter for the 2nd annual show. Alpha Prime Toys will be there again with the best deals you can imagine on all the newest Takara-Tomy Transformers! Check out petesrobocon.com for all the details on the show.

Just Arrived & Recently In Stock - Transformers

  • MP-38 Optimus Primal
  • e-Hobby Magna Convoy
  • MP-11ND Dirge
  • MP-37 Artfire
  • LG-42 Godbomber
  • MP-35 Grapple

New Pre-Orders - Transformers

*PRE-ORDER* - MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rod, MP-10B Black Convoy reissue, & Legends LG-54 through LG-60 now available for pre-order!

*PRE-ORDER* - MP-15/16-E Cassettes available for pre-order, plus the LG-EX God Ginrai box set!

*PRE-ORDER* - MP-39 Sunstreaker available for pre-order, as well as his brother MP-12+ Sideswipe!

*PRE-ORDER* - Takara Legends LG-44 through LG-53 all available for pre-order!

*PRE-ORDER* - MP-36 Megatron December 2017 restock up for pre-order!

PRE-ORDERS - All pre-orders 5% off regular in stock price

Check below for quick links to new pre-orders! MP-10B Black Convoy - MP-12+ Sideswipe - MP-15/16-E Cassettes - MP-36 Megatron - MP-38 Optimus Primal - MP-39 Sunstreaker - MP-40 Hot Rod; LG-44 Sharkticon - LG-45 Hot Rod - LG-46 Kup - LG-47 Kickback - LG-48 Brawn - LG-49 Triggerhappy - LG-50 Sixshot - LG-51 Doublecross - LG-52 Misfire - LG-53 Broadside - LG-54 Bumblebee - LG-55 Slugslinger - LG-56 Perceptor - LG-57 Octane - LG-58 Clonebots - LG-59 Blitzwing - LG-60 Overlord - LG-EX God Ginrai

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